IBU-tec receives order from KRONOS chemical corporation for its innovative nitrogen oxide reduction product for cities and other applications

New photocatalysis materials produced by IBU-tec for KRONOS can sustainably improve air and quality of life in high traffic regions.

Light triggers chemical reactions in the materials, which reduces environmental pollutants such as nitrogen oxides.

KRONOS supplies the preliminary materials, IBU-tec enhances them in its pulsation reactors.

First order from KRONOS received, further orders planned.

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Weimar, 5 February 2019 - IBU-tec advanced materials AG ("IBU-tec", ISIN: DE000A0XYHT5) is using its pulsation reactor technology in furtherance of the Green Mobility revolution, manufacturing innovative new substances for the sustainable reduction of environmental pollutants.

IBU-tec has entered into a supply agreement with KRONOS INTERNATIONAL Inc. chemical group for a new product which, as an additive to concrete, mortar, and paint or in surface impregnation, enables the purification of air and water from pollutants such as nitrogen oxides as part of a photocatalysis. The powder manufactured by IBU-tec interacts with light and produces photocatalytic reactions to remove environmental contaminants or to achieve self-cleaning surfaces.

At a time in which a growing number of German cities are banning diesel vehicles due to their harmful emissions, the new additive manufactured by IBU-tec can greatly contribute to nitrogen oxide reduction. By adding it to the concrete of inner-city parking areas for example, nitrogen oxide levels can be significantly reduced in congested areas. 

KRONOS has now placed its first substantial order with IBU-tec, and additional orders have already been secured.   

Ullrich Weitz, CEO of IBU-tec, stated: "We are delighted to be a key partner for such large industrial enterprises such as KRONOS in the important and ever-increasing field of climate protection. That our pulsation reactor technology is being used to create innovative materials to reduce pollution in city centers, shows how truly innovative our company and our patented pulsation reactor technologies are".

Dr. Christian Krempels of KRONOS INTERNATIONAL, Inc.: "With IBU-tec, we have an incredibly competent partner at our side who offers the necessary expertise and technology to produce our novel photocatalysis. As such, we can meet the extraordinary demand of the current market and are well situated to take advantage of the amazing growth potential. Photocatalysis as a surface reaction can be used to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide in urban airspace, produce clean drinking water, effectively treat wastewater, and achieve clean building facades, pavements and parking areas."

About IBU-tec
IBU-tec advanced materials AG, is a highly specialized, high-growth, development and production service provider for the thermal process engineering industry, for the treatment of inorganic powders and granulates. Our thermal treatments result in modified and superior material properties. Through the acquisition of BNT Chemicals GmbH, IBU-tec's previous core service business has been greatly expanded through acquisition of BNTs product portfolio, which is concentrated in the tin and the wet chemistry sector, thus greatly expanding IBU-tec's market positioning and potential for value creation.

IBU-tec responds to worldwide megatrends such as green mobility (e-mobility and automotive catalysts), green economy (including CO2-reduced building materials, rare earths, stationary energy storage), and medical technology (including artificial joints and dental prostheses) through its broad, international customer base. IBU-tec's market success is based on its own flexible technology platform, unique patented processes and the comprehensive know-how of its 235 employees.

Further information can be found on the Internet at www.ibu-tec.de.

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